Obama,America,and Vaccines

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 I want to start off by discussing the State Of Union. As soon as Obama started off his speech he began with the usual feel good psychology;That is the way he won the presidential election twice with charisma and feel good psychology.

He BARELY addressed the real issues he just bought up stuff to take people’s mind of the big picture THIS COUNTRY IS IN TROUBLE FINANCIALLY and SPIRITUALLY . His speech was all smiles and feel good but the  job market isn’t feeling so good. Obama has barely created jobs but his fiction statistics will have you believe that he has done a lot!

30% of jobs that have been created have went to Texas . Why? I’m glad you asked,Texas has a FREE MARKET, LOW TAXES and REPUBLICAN policies. If you’re a Democrat please don’t get offended I’m just telling the truth . Places like Detroit and California have some of the craziest policies in this country and  their economy reflects it. In the next post I will discuss why millions of people are moving to Texas. (Subscribe to my email updates to know when I will publish it.

 A recent poll was taken and they said only 3% of people feel this country is headed towards the right direction. You read it right only 3% , with a failing job market, inflation, a long list of scams, lies, manipulation,etc. I wouldn’t have any hope for this country either but thank God their is a God who sits on the throne.

 Recently some court papers leaked showing that the government spies on people through games like Angry Bird. The article (Source:Fox News) said that a lot of people (including myself but I am more careful now) just download apps without reading the permissions of the app so that’s why the government goes through your pictures and they know all of your secrets. (I know that sounds weird but that’s the truth. )


I was listening to a preacher, John Hagee, and he said he is not worried if the government is listening to him and if they are he will say , “Jesus is Lord and you guys need some help. ” A lot of people are living in a fantasy land they believe the government would never put fluoride and other chemicals in our water.




The problem nowadays is people are so naive they think the government loves them. The only thing the government is trying to do is initiate the New World Order.The same government that smiles in your face and read you feel good psychology speeches recommend that you take flu shots that have been proven to increase your chances for having cancer,Leukemia,infertility,brain cancer, rotting teeth and  thousands of other problems. Flu shots contain so many poisons inside them that they have to put a may cause death symbol on them .



vaccines_ingredients_are_poisons Vaccines-BHP-copyneedles 172-0927132849

I want my viewers to be informed on how deadly all of these “HELPFUL” vaccines are but yet the doctors recommend them. Let me inform you on something right quick the doctors that recommend these vaccines are paid BIG BUCKS by the government to do that.


Before he information age it was really easy for the government to lie to people but we live in the information age now what’s your excuse for being uninformed? I was uninformed to before I read about this stuff myself. The mainstream news also a product of the government urges people to go get their flu shot. 





Ask yourself what did your ancestors do before all of these vaccines? They ate their non GMO vegetables, ate non GMO fruit,and  they drank plenty of water . Does that sound extreme? No it doesn’t. Children in third world countries are some of the healthiest children on this earth without taking mercury I mean vaccines. 


Time Frame Recommended Vaccines
By Late 1940s Smallpox Diphtheria*
Tetanus* Pertussis*
Time Frame Recommended Vaccines
By Late 1950s Smallpox Diphtheria*
Tetanus* Pertussis*
Polio (IPV)
Time Frame Recommended Vaccines
By Late 1960s Smallpox Diphtheria*
Tetanus* Pertussis*
Polio (OPV) Measles
Mumps Rubella

me Frame Recommended Vaccines
1985 – 1994 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (OPV) Hib
1994 – 1995 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (OPV) Hib
Hepatitis B
Time Frame Recommended Vaccines
2000 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (IPV) Hib
Hepatitis B Varicella
Hepatitis A
2005 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (IPV) Hib
Hepatitis B Varicella
Hepatitis A Pneumococcal
2010 Diphtheria* Measles**
Tetanus* Mumps**
Pertussis* Rubella**
Polio (IPV) Hib
Hepatitis B Varicella
Hepatitis A Pneumococcal
Influenza Rotavirus

As you can see the poison I mean vaccine recommendations have grown over time. I will continue to address this subject in the next post and some of my older posts talk about this as well so please check them out.

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Gay Marriage,Abortion,the government,Jesus,and facts

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I wasn’t planning on talking about this but somehow this message wrote itself.

We all have plans in life. Some people plan to have 4 children by the age of 34 and then their going to go back to school to get their PH.d
. What people don’t realize is that God makes all the plans. Sure we want the biggest house in the neighborhood but God probably wants us to live in a small house .

God is an intelligent God. He knows things that we will never thought out.

Some people try to do things knowing God doesn’t want them to do it. If God hasn’t blessed it , it definitely won’t work out. People try to marry people because of their physical appearance but God hasn’t blessed that situation so it won’t work out.

God knows what’s best for everyone. We are all created by him although some of his children have gone astray and went to worship idols.

When we follow God’s rule we will be blessed. In the last post I talked about how America is quickly turning into a Sodom and Gommorah. We want God to bless us but we are doing the opposite of what God word says do.

The Bible speaks against abortion and gay marriage. Yet people still try to turn the scriptures to fit their lifestyle. We (America) want God to bless us but we do the opposite of what he says.

God controls the entire universe so he is the only one who should be feared. He speaks to us through mother nature. I strongly believe Hurricane Katrina was no accident. New Orleans celebrates homosexuality as if it’s a great  lifestyle.

The hurricane came before their rally and this isn’t the first rally they’ve had. New Orleans is known for their strange religious cults. They worship  ( Not everyone in New Orleans is in a cult) almost every god except the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

New Orleans isn’t the only place that’s like that. Atlanta is known for their high gay population. Where’s their sins their is punishment.


This disease not only affects black women it affects the entire city.

While politicians try their best to fight for gay marriage they don’t tell the uneducated public about all of the risks that come with homosexual intercourse.

Homosexuals have to take extra precaution when they have intercourse because it’s dangerous and they are more likely to get a STD.


Of course you aren’t going to learn this on television because all your seeing is people thanking God that prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional.

God created woman and man not man and man. When he created us he gave us a choice to choose between Good and Evil.

God could have easily made us all devoted Christians but he wanted us to choose.

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the less you are liable to fall for a trap.

America is in a battle right now and its a battle between unseen forces. Those two cities I mentioned aren’t the only cities that are being affected by STDs. People are so cool with everything nowadays because they don’t read their bible.

What I’m saying isn’t bigotry. I’ve been accused of bigotry before. Facts don’t lie.



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Your Destiny

A lot of people think that things just happen for the heck of it . I’m not sure if people realize it or not but everyone has a destiny .

God already knows everything that is going to happen in your life . What happens in your life is no surprise for the almighty . Everything in life happens for a reason , it didn’t just happen .

I know this person who spouse walked out on them and they were married for 14 years . Of course the spouse that was left alone was sad but eventually she found someone else and now she is happier than ever .

This situation happens to a lot of people and people are devastated of course but if that person was really supposed to be your life forever they wouldn’t have ever left .

A lot of people say that they wish they were born in a different time period , family , nationality , etc . God didn’t make a mistake when he made you , he knew exactly what he was doing .

I can’t count in my head how many people try to be someone else . Of course they fail at doing that because who their trying to be is not who God made them .

Some people say they want to find them self and that’s OK but when you start to be something that God spoke against in the bible that’s when you are going in the wrong direction .

Their are so many people who say they can’t be something because of their nationality ,the family they belong to , how much money they have but what a lot of people don’t realize is they if God wants you to be something no matter what you’re fighting against it’s all going to work out in your favor because God ALWAYS has the last day so.

The worst thing that can happen to a person is that they forgot who is in charge .God makes the ultimate decision .

Everybody on earth is here for a reason . God doesn’t make people for the heck of it . Everybody that is on earth has gifts and the best thing to do is to learn what they are .

On my next post I will be discussing the Music Industry .

Prayer and People

Alot of people nowadays think they have no purpose in life but thats what Satan wants us to think. I must start this post off by telling the reader that Satan is the father of lies , thats why its good to read the Bible beause God warns us that Satan will try to lie to us. This post is mostly about Satan lies and about the bible.

It is very important to read the Bible becausewe can see what God wants us to do. When we read the Bible we dont get little starts next to out name in heaven we are doing ourself a favor by reading the bible.

God loves everybody and we wouldnt be on earth if he didnt have a purpose for your life. God didnt put you on this earth to live an ordinary life, he didnt put you on this earth so you can be normal . We as Christians should be the light of the world in this dark world.

For example , in The Bible God tells us not to have sex before marriage, in this culture that is very weird but God told us to wait until marriage for a reason. If you are reading this post and you didnt wait until marriage to havesex God has forgave you already but he doenst want you to make the same mistake.

God tells us in the bible that if we continue to do the same thing over and over knowing that its sin God will indeed judge that. God also doesnt approve of abortion but if you have had an abortion God has forgave you already so please dont go around feeling guilty.

The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob doesnt want us to live a normal life just getting by. I know this sounds like some pop psychology but in the Bible God never gave little , he was a liberal giver.

For examplewhen Jesus turned fish into loaves(Mathher 14 13-21) their was more than enough left over. So just remember God created you for a purpose, he doesnt waste his time creating worthless creations. Another thing I want to talk about is praying Bold size prayers. Alot of times people pray only if i get through this size prayers when in reality God is much bigger and powerful then we think he is.

We should be bold in our prayers and if our prayers go unanswered for a while we should have the faith that God is going to answer our prayer in due time ! Alot of times people loose faith because their prayers dont come through when they want them to but the Christian faith is all about faith and patience.

Remember when the times get tough get down on your knees and pray with faith !

Prayer & The Importance of Prayer

Prayer . Prayer in the Christian faith is so important . When you pray you are having a conversation with the almighty God . God hears our thoughts,wishes , and our desires of our heart . When you pray God listens and he will either make it happen it not . A lot of people think that God doesn’t answer prayers but sometimes God has something better for us so he doesn’t answer that one but later on in life hd gives you something even better ! A lot of times people pray small prayers because their afraid of asking God for too much . God is a liberal giver which means he gives slog ,God definitely isn’t stingy with his blessings and he blesses us even when we don’t deserve it at tines . Prayer is powerful and Satan hates when you pray because you could be one prayer from a breakthrough or a healing . You can pray for anything , some people pray for healing for themselves or for a family member , you can pray for anything because or loving God always is listening to us because he loves all of us even the no believers . Prayer is Satan’s worse nightmare because prayer can turn a nervous ,low self esteem person into a bold and high self esteem . People pray in many different ways , some pray in to tongues and done pray in English . That topic is for another post .

*Action along with prayer is important as well .

You need to know who you are in Christ

Alot of people nowadays don’t know who they are in Christ . They just listen to their friends who most of the times don’t know who they are in Christ either . The problem is we have do many people clueless in who they are their trying to be someone else and that’s a major problem . Jesus has a plan for everybody and when people don’t know who they are they try to fit in . Trying to fit in is not good . God made you as individual not to fit in with people who are trying to fit in with others . If you are called lame font worry because that means that you’re bring yourself . A lot of people say they are being themselves but they are doing things God doesn’t approve of . God is not going to make you something that contradicts his word , The Bible . Just remember its important to have daily conversations with God and remember to spend time with God and have prayer with God .

Your Destiny part 2

Some people have a Destiny that is so great that it’s brighter than the sun. Your destiny can be affected by your vision as well. That’s why it’s good to keep people around you that know more than you. If you keep people around you that make you feel the smartest that’s called small thinking.

They’re are too many people who have great destiny but they hang around people who have no plan to succeed in life. You should be hanging aground people who don’t do drugs and people who don’t drink. You should hang around people are very smart and who have a plan for their life.

As a Christian I chose friends who have good Godly morals. Why would I hang around someone who is rebellious and who does drugs. Spirits travel believe it or not and if you hadn’t strong people with certain behavior you can start doing it add well without even realizing it .

The reason you’re still breathing is because God has a great plan for your life. God doesn’t leave anybody on earth without a purpose. You are created for greater things in life even if people tell you that you’re not worth anything. Satan wants people to feel worthless but you are created by God the creator of the Universe.

You are highly favored and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Keep Good first and remember to make wise decision and gang around people who want to be something positive  and remember you’re never to young or old to achieve.

Be careful who you listen to and your life

Be careful what you listen to because some people just talk without knowing what their talking about. This is not going to be a really big post I’m just telling you some thing that is very important. Some people like to talk just to hear themselves talk and when you do that you make yourself sound really ignorant! People who have a variety of knowledge can having many conversations because they are well rounded and being well rounded is a great thing. People who are more well rounded can have more surveys versus the person who only knows about one topic. The purpose of this post is just to motivate you to learn about different topics because we live in a big works and it’s changing constantly so it’s good to start updated.

“Growth Stunters”

The title “Growth Stunters”  is very explanatory. It simply means it is someone who can and will stop you from growing in life. I am not talking about growing physically I mean in success wise.

Growth Stunters are all over this world and it is our job to not make those growth stunters are aren’t in our life. Growth Stunters have one purpose and that purpose it to make sure you succeed as little as possible in life; that’s why it is so good to make sure you surround yourself around people who are uplifting you.

Surrounding yourself around people who don’t uplift you isn’t doing you a bit of good. Its like walking on a treadmill eating a pizza that’s loaded with grease.I’m not sure if your familiar with an old saying but it goes like this, ” You are the company you keep.”

That is so true as I mentioned a month ago in one of my articles, If you hang around friends who are doing something negative like : illegal drugs, premarital sex, talk/think negative, and talk about people pretty soon you’re going to find yourself doing the same thing.

You may already hang around some smokers or alcoholic and think that’s it’s not going to affect you but it will!

A lot of people especially boys like to hang around hard-core type of boys { hard-core means to act like a thug) and that does nothing but bring you down without you even realizing it.

If you have any growth stunters in your life , disassociate yourself from them . You may be lonely  for a while but its OK to be lonely .If you so happen to read this article and you are lonely ask God to bring friends in your life that will bring you up.

You may think that God wont bring new friends in your life but he will. So remember you cat be successful in all aspects of your life with “Growth Stutners” in your life.

If you don’t know Jesus , get to know him it is one of the best decisions you will ever make in your life. To get to know Jesus makes him your personal Lord and Savior {John 14:6, Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. }. When he says no one gets through the father he is basically saying you can’t enter the kingdom of heaven without knowing Jesus and by not accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior you are going to be in eternal damnation.

Accepting Jesus is a great decision and with him you will no longer have to fight any battle alone in your life again.

You {the reader or listener) can accept Jesus Christ right now verbally by saying this :

I (your name) accept Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and savior, I know that he died for my sins and I love him with all of my heart. I know that his father , God, sent him to die for our sins so that we can have eternal life and I acknowledge that you are the only living God and that your son Jesus is my only personal Lord and Savior.


By saying that simple prayer you have just acknowledged that you accepted Jesus and that is the best decision you can ever make in your life.

To get some GREAT AND FREE understanding on Jesus copy and paste the address http://peacewithgod.jesus.net

into your address bar and click enter and everything else is self-explanatory. Contact me if you have any questions.

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Whose Report are your reading?

People listen to people and sometimes that can be a good thing and sometimes it can be a bad thing. Some people listen to people are going to help them in life but some people listen to people who are going to do the opposite which is hold them back.

Everybody that talks isn’t speaking the truth . Some people start rumors and some people even talk about people. If you read nothing else in this article read this , ” No one can talk about anyone unless they are perfect( No one is perfect but God) .”

Some people are so bitter all they do is go around talking about people because they are bitter themselves. If someone talks about someone the first thing they think about doing is getting even with them but getting even isn’t the best choice to make all the time.

Some people hate themselves believe it or not and their goal is to go around and try to make people hate themselves. The only person that I am going to listen to is God anyone Else’s report is just a bunch of stupidity that I refuse to entertain.

Some people believe it or not are trying to impress people so to impress that person they change them self into someone else. I’m not speaking against changing because sometimes change is good but don’t change yourself in a situation to try to fit in.

If everyone felt great about themselves there would not be a need to go around talking about others that’s why I don’t get offended when someone tries to insult me because God is the only person I’m trying to impress , I don’t know about you!

So the next time someone comes up talking a whole bunch of mess press the IGNORE button which is simply not even paying that person attention.