Gay Marriage,Abortion,the government,Jesus,and facts

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I wasn’t planning on talking about this but somehow this message wrote itself.

We all have plans in life. Some people plan to have 4 children by the age of 34 and then their going to go back to school to get their PH.d
. What people don’t realize is that God makes all the plans. Sure we want the biggest house in the neighborhood but God probably wants us to live in a small house .

God is an intelligent God. He knows things that we will never thought out.

Some people try to do things knowing God doesn’t want them to do it. If God hasn’t blessed it , it definitely won’t work out. People try to marry people because of their physical appearance but God hasn’t blessed that situation so it won’t work out.

God knows what’s best for everyone. We are all created by him although some of his children have gone astray and went to worship idols.

When we follow God’s rule we will be blessed. In the last post I talked about how America is quickly turning into a Sodom and Gommorah. We want God to bless us but we are doing the opposite of what God word says do.

The Bible speaks against abortion and gay marriage. Yet people still try to turn the scriptures to fit their lifestyle. We (America) want God to bless us but we do the opposite of what he says.

God controls the entire universe so he is the only one who should be feared. He speaks to us through mother nature. I strongly believe Hurricane Katrina was no accident. New Orleans celebrates homosexuality as if it’s a great  lifestyle.

The hurricane came before their rally and this isn’t the first rally they’ve had. New Orleans is known for their strange religious cults. They worship  ( Not everyone in New Orleans is in a cult) almost every god except the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

New Orleans isn’t the only place that’s like that. Atlanta is known for their high gay population. Where’s their sins their is punishment.

This disease not only affects black women it affects the entire city.

While politicians try their best to fight for gay marriage they don’t tell the uneducated public about all of the risks that come with homosexual intercourse.

Homosexuals have to take extra precaution when they have intercourse because it’s dangerous and they are more likely to get a STD.

Of course you aren’t going to learn this on television because all your seeing is people thanking God that prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional.

God created woman and man not man and man. When he created us he gave us a choice to choose between Good and Evil.

God could have easily made us all devoted Christians but he wanted us to choose.

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the less you are liable to fall for a trap.

America is in a battle right now and its a battle between unseen forces. Those two cities I mentioned aren’t the only cities that are being affected by STDs. People are so cool with everything nowadays because they don’t read their bible.

What I’m saying isn’t bigotry. I’ve been accused of bigotry before. Facts don’t lie.

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Terrorism and other Stuff

We live in a world where no one can know if their secure or not positively . Terriosm has existed for a long time but on 9/11 /2000 everybody became aware that Terriosm was alive and it existed . A lot of people are familiar with the terriost group Al Qaeda . They are not the only terriost group but they are the most known . Their leader Bin Laden was supposedly killed but a lot of Americans think he is still alive including me . Terriosm affects people and gives them a sense of fear . A recent survey was taken by Fox News and they said 92% of the people do not feel the government I’d doing all they can to stop Terriosm . The government’s policies sort of promote Terriosm because once they catch terriosts they don’t take action . Republicans are known for taking action quicker than Democrats . Democrats love to to what their doing now they like to say they need more evidence before they take action . Plenty of evidence has been presented to the Democrats so they should be taking actions by now . People keep electing the same politicians that never do anything they say their going to do . I was very surprised that people felt Obama deserved a second term because he did nothing beneficial during his first term . If you watch Msnbc , NBC, or some other liberal news station you may be brainwashed into thinking Obama has done a good job . They didn’t show anything about the doctor who performed illegal abortions because liberals are for abortions . In the bible Gid says he knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb . God took the time to make us with care and he knows us before were even born . God doesn’t like the fact that millions and billions if his children are being aborted . Obama is the most abortion supporter president this nation has ever seen and it makes no sense . Recently Obama was at the Planned Parenthood event and he said God bless planned parenthood . God is a good God but when you use his name in something he doesn’t support that’s when he puts his foot down . President Barack Obama also supports gay marriage , in Leviticus he says man should NOT lay with a man like he would lay with a women . God made it clear even two thousand years ago and somehow America keeps turning God’s words around . In the Old Testament God was very quick to judge and the punishments were fierce . God has way more mercy now thank God because if he didn’t America would have been destroyed along time ago . God is speaking to America through Mother Nature(weather ) and other events that are going on around the world . Atheists and other non believers do t believe in the bible but the bible has prophecy that us coming true everyday . Biblical Prophecy is so real that you can’t deny the fact that the bible is true . The next post I will do is going to be about the bible . God bless you fur reading this post and please share it with you’re friends or families .

The Liberal Agenda

An agenda is bring unfolded right before our eyes . It is called the liberal agenda and they want full control over this country which is America. When America was first started off as a country we had some moral values . No way in the world would a man consider marrying a man and if he did he would be viewed as a lunatic . Liberals are trying to take over this country and they are trying to by promoting gay marriage . The sane people who are trying to pass gay marriage doubt care about family values its all apart if their agenda their trying to pass that’s why they want as many liberals in Washington as possible because they know when they have slot if liberals in charge they can pass the most outrageous bills .for example ObamaCare is going to cost America money we don’t have . When ObamaCare first came out it wasn’t going to cost anything according to President Obama but according to news stations its going to cost trillions . I’m not sure wether you’re a liberal or conservative but our debt problem is SI bad you can’t ignore . We’re in 16 trillion dollars worth of debt plus 5 extra million that’s not even accounted for . Try counting to 16 trillion now . It would take you longer than a year to do that that’s how bad our debt us tight now . You won’t hear about the liberal agenda on the news stations like msnbc or NBC or the other liberal new stations . In my next post I will speak more about gay marriage and how it’s going to affect America . Tell me what you think .

Gay Marriage in America

The topic gay marriage is one of the most controversial topics around . First of all to people who don’t know marriage was designed to be between one man and one woman . So if you have two men or two women who are calling themselves married that is not marriage in God’s eyes . Society has tried to promote gay marriage in every way they can but I am a bible believing Christian and I know gay marriage is not God’s ideal marriage . I am not hating or judging anyone I am speaking on what’s in the Holy Bible . When a country tries to make gay marriage legal the country is flirting with danger . America is clearly headed down the wrong direction when the president says gay marriage is ok . Sweden thought they could ignore God’s word and make gay marriage legal and they haven’t been the same since ! Two people of the same gender can not come together to have a child they have to do it by the un natural way and when people actually realize that , it will be a good day ! If you don’t believe in God just look at word events and you will see when a country goes against God’s word they will not have victory . America began as a country with Biblical views and America has quickly thrown out its biblical views by accepting gay marriage , abortion, throwing out the 10 commandments out the court room , making prayer for Christians illegal in public schools and taking away bible reading time from school . America is doing nothing but hurting itself because its producing a generation of morally sick children . If you are a parent reading this consider a Christian education for your child and yes their are affordable Christian schools for children . Check out some of my previous posts about stations like Cartoon Network and tell me what you think ! If you are not a parent I would still like to hear what you think about this article . All opinions are accepted !