Minimum Wage workers are rich?

“According to statistics an increase in minimum wage WILL NOT help the poor.”


Recently their has been an argument stating that minimum wage earners need to get an increase so they can have a nice salary to live off of.

In my state minimum wage is $7.25 so if someone is working at fast food restaurant 40 hours a week they are looking at a paycheck that is around $200 or $300 . When you say the words minimum wage out loud the first word you hear is minimum and that is for a reason; Minimum wage jobs were never created to live comfortably off of .

Minimum wage jobs were created for people who don’t have the same skills as people do in non-minimum wage jobs. According to an article I read on The Federalist , “11 Facts about the Minimum Wage That President Obama Forgot to Mention” 1/3 of minimum wage workers either dropped out or never attended high school.So when you hear people yell slogans like “Corporate Greed” keep statistics like that in mind.

So as soon as people accept the fact that minimum wage jobs were never meant to be a career then this would help people understand that minimum wage positions were never created to pay employees $19 per hour.

According to an article on Forbes, “Almost Everything You Have Been Told About The Minimum Wage Is False” only 0.8 percent of all Americans over 25 are earning minimum wage. Yes you read it correctly only 0.8 percent of ALL Americans are earning minimum wage.

If you keep up with the news constantly like I do I know you have heard people scream “Corporate Greed” but now you know they are the ones who are uninformed. Whats even more shocking is only 63% of workers who earn less than $9.50 per hour (Keep in mind minimum wage in most states is $7.25) are the second or third earner in the family and 43% of those workers live in a household that has an annual salary of more than $50,000. 

So in other words most minimum wage earners are living with people who make more than $50,000. Now if you don’t know by now the mainstream media only tells you what their leaders want you to know so you are not going to hear this on CBS or ABC.  My reason behind that statement is the news will have you believe that minimum wage workers go home to shacks with no electricity but the statistics say otherwise.

In closing their is one more thing I want to mention ;A full-time minimum wage worker in 2014 will make 24% more than the federal poverty limit.

**This article was written to inform people about minimum wage this article was not written to talk bad about minimum wage earners.

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What are your views on minimum wage? Do you think everyone on earth should get paid the same to prevent income inequality? Please feel free to comment.


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Gay Marriage,Abortion,the government,Jesus,and facts

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I wasn’t planning on talking about this but somehow this message wrote itself.

We all have plans in life. Some people plan to have 4 children by the age of 34 and then their going to go back to school to get their PH.d
. What people don’t realize is that God makes all the plans. Sure we want the biggest house in the neighborhood but God probably wants us to live in a small house .

God is an intelligent God. He knows things that we will never thought out.

Some people try to do things knowing God doesn’t want them to do it. If God hasn’t blessed it , it definitely won’t work out. People try to marry people because of their physical appearance but God hasn’t blessed that situation so it won’t work out.

God knows what’s best for everyone. We are all created by him although some of his children have gone astray and went to worship idols.

When we follow God’s rule we will be blessed. In the last post I talked about how America is quickly turning into a Sodom and Gommorah. We want God to bless us but we are doing the opposite of what God word says do.

The Bible speaks against abortion and gay marriage. Yet people still try to turn the scriptures to fit their lifestyle. We (America) want God to bless us but we do the opposite of what he says.

God controls the entire universe so he is the only one who should be feared. He speaks to us through mother nature. I strongly believe Hurricane Katrina was no accident. New Orleans celebrates homosexuality as if it’s a great  lifestyle.

The hurricane came before their rally and this isn’t the first rally they’ve had. New Orleans is known for their strange religious cults. They worship  ( Not everyone in New Orleans is in a cult) almost every god except the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

New Orleans isn’t the only place that’s like that. Atlanta is known for their high gay population. Where’s their sins their is punishment.

This disease not only affects black women it affects the entire city.

While politicians try their best to fight for gay marriage they don’t tell the uneducated public about all of the risks that come with homosexual intercourse.

Homosexuals have to take extra precaution when they have intercourse because it’s dangerous and they are more likely to get a STD.

Of course you aren’t going to learn this on television because all your seeing is people thanking God that prop 8 was ruled unconstitutional.

God created woman and man not man and man. When he created us he gave us a choice to choose between Good and Evil.

God could have easily made us all devoted Christians but he wanted us to choose.

Knowledge is power and the more knowledge you have the less you are liable to fall for a trap.

America is in a battle right now and its a battle between unseen forces. Those two cities I mentioned aren’t the only cities that are being affected by STDs. People are so cool with everything nowadays because they don’t read their bible.

What I’m saying isn’t bigotry. I’ve been accused of bigotry before. Facts don’t lie.

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Different styles of preaching

*Different Styles of Preaching
The Bible warns us that in the last days their will be more and more false prophets . Their were false prophets even in the biblical days and God dealt with them accordingly . The reason I am doing this post is because so many people think that if someone doesn’t preach a hell fire brimstone sermon ,their a false prophet . For example , many of you have heard of the televangelist named Joel Osteen . We all know Joel Osteen’s father (John Osteen) was a great pastor and he had a fire hell brimstone style of preaching . Joel Osteen is not a hell fire brimstone preacher he has a more relaxed style of preaching . Because Joel has such a relaxed preaching style many people label him as a false prophet . The biblical definition of a false prophet is one who says Jesus is not Lord and one who says God is not real . A false prophet doesn’t use the bible and makes no reference of The Lord of God . Joel Osteen is not a hell fire fire brimstone preacher , he is a preacher that accepts all type of people and that’s what churches should be doing nowadays . When I say accept all types of people I mean he doesn’t discriminate based on their race ,gender , or sexual orientation . When we are born again we are a new us basically . We as Christians should be trying to reach to many people as possible . When we are trying to reach someone lets forget their race , sexual orientation or gender . We as Christians should be trying to reach to people and once we reach them they should get saved and once their saved God will handle the rest .God calls people to do different things . When God calls you to do something do t worry about anything else because when the almighty God calls you everything is covered ! When God calls you to do something you know everything is covered between him and you and you don’t have to worry about what people will say . Even when we are called to do something we can still mess up sometimes for example (Jimmy Swaggart , Jim Bakker ,etc ) . God is a loving God so he will forgive us but if we as Christians continue to do the same thing and we know its wrong we will be judge accordingly . A lot of people talk about people when their not living a Christian lifestyle themselves . God had called many people to do things regardless of their race or gender . In the next post I will discuss false prophets and I may even discuss spiritual gifts . Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and please share thus with friends or family members . May The Lord bless you for reading this and I hope you have a wonderful day .

You’re purpose on Earth

A lot of people think that they are here on earth for no reason but that’s not true. God has everyone on this earth for a reason and its important that you never let anyone tell you that you’re not important . God created you with a purpose and a lot of people leave earth without finding out what their purpose is . Last week I did a post on how it’s important finding out who you are in Christ . It’s also important to find out why you’re here on earth . I don’t know about you but while Im here on earth I want to help out many people as I can . We all know people who can make a good day turn bad ; We should be a person who turns a bad day into a good one . People are going to talk about you especially when their jealous . They may say their not jealous but inside their really jealous . They wouldn’t be jealous if they knew what their purpose was in life . Satan hates people who help other people . Remember God is on control and remember that God is still in control no matter what the headline of the newspaper says . Many people ask where God is but the truth is he should be inside us . When Jesus is inside is that is hope !! Many people say they are Christians but the world is going to go by your actions not your words . The current president claims he is a Christian but his actions ( supporting gay marriage , supporting abortion , not helping Israel when they need the help the most ) . His actions don’t scream Im a Christian they scream that he isn’t a Christian . Just remember you we’re created for a purpose !

The new budget

If you’re got watching the news you need to be,FACT. Obama , the current president, is passing a budget that means theirs another tax hike plus he is about to tax social security. If you have been working all of your life to save for a rainy day then this means that you’re social security is being affected. Do you want to b know something that’s funny, The Tea Party predicted this would happen a month ago and everybody thought that they were crazy. Well now it has happened and people need to do something about it.Some people may get a Swiss bank account but for the people that can’t hold up a Swiss bank account will be affected. I advise you to write a letter to Congress and demand that they demand a better budget from President Obama. Fox news said that their is a budget Obama can pass a budget that would create 1 million jobs.People are so willing to do anything for a source of  income and the unemployment rate is not going down a lot of people just have quick looking for work. Whether or not you’re a liberal or conservative  you can’t lie and say that the economy is not bad. I would recommend that you vote wiser. No matter how cool they seem that doesn’t matter you need to see what their voting record is.


Think Before You Speak

We should all think before we speak because if we don’t we could end up being in alot of trouble. I know we all have people in our lives that just say anything because they wont to hear themselves talk. Well don’t be that way! Just meditate on this title and subject and watch how far it gets you!