Peer pressure

Sorry if their are a lot of grammar errors ,I typed this from my phone . A lot of people nowadays fall into peer pressure . A lot of the times it’s due to the fact that people have low self esteems. Yes you read it right a lot of people do have low self esteem. When a person has a high self esteem they know they don’t have to do something stupid to get accepted into a certain click or group . The problem nowadays is that people are falling into peer pressure at an all time high ! Then their doing stupid things such as drugs and yes pot does count . If people would just realize that they were created to do do much more than smoke and drink our world would improve . If you just jar to drink ask yourself why do you have to drink . If you do it because it makes you feel good you need to find a new activity because alcohol only makes you feel a certain way for a little bit then the next day you’re miserable again ! I wish we as a nation would turn to Jesus and leave things like alcohol and tobacco alone . I’m not trying to tell you what to do but if you want to live that type of lifestyle that’s your choice and that type of lifestyle isn’t healthy .so remember keep Jesus first and he will take you places you would’ve never dreamed of going .


Text-message bullying becoming more common

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The traditional bullying like demanding for someone’s lunch money is the old way of bullying. Dont get me wrong it still exists but now people post pictures of each other that are harmful. No matter what form of bullying you use it’s still wrong. Do something positive with your life instead of bullying people!