Jennifer Lopez Shows Sexy Curves In Hot Pants On Set Of New Music Video

How about her showing more talent.Nowadays in Hollywood we see more skin than talent.

Hollywood Life

It’s official — J. Lo is without a doubt still ‘Jenny From The Block!’ Time may have gone by for the rest of us but this pop star’s bod is 100 percent still rocking! Ain’t it funny!

Move over Kim Kardashian, because the original booty is back in action! Sneak-peek photos from Jennifer Lopez‘s latest video shoot for her new single “We Are One” — the official song for the 2014 World Cup — have revealed the singing, dancing, and acting queen is looking better than ever.

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The Degradation of today’s Culture and Family life.


If you go back 20-30 years ago a mother (woman) and a father(man) was the norm for most households. Traditionally the dad has always supposed to be the leader of the house. The father is supposed to train his children the way he wants them to end up as adults.(Train a child up in a do what you want home be prepared to post bail. )Fathers would you want your daughter to date a guy like you ?

However you treat your wife your daughter will think that’s how she is supposed to be treated. Some of you fathers cheat on your wife and you THINK no one knows but someone knows;Just remember however you treat your wife your daughter will think that’s how a woman should be treated and she will end up dating a man like YOU.

I will let you take a while to think about that.

Their is this saying which goes like this”Daughters always marry a guy similar to their father.” That quote has some truth to it and their is a principle behind it. Daughters who grow up with a father who loves and cherishes them tend to wait until their married to have sexual relations. This is not entirely true because their are many women who did not grow up with a father but waited until marriage to have sex.

A father is supposed to tell his daughter that he loves her .( He is supposed to tell all his children this but I am focusing on daughters now.) When the daughter knows that she is loved she doesn’t have to go around chasing bad boys because more than likely that won’t excite her.

Now I want to discuss what we talked about earlier,
“Daughters always marry a guy similar to their father.”

If a girl grows up watching her father treat her mother with respect then more than likely she will know what she deserves respect . A girl who grows up watching her father cheat,lie,and live a lifestyle that is offensive to God she probably isn’t going to end up marrying a man who treats her like his queen.

As we can see it’s very important for every child to grow up in a TRADITIONAL household where mom and dad are married.

According to

the cycle of out-of-wedlock children began around 1970. America had just came from one of the worse decades in history (60s) so this played a big role in this.

Studies show children who grow up in a house with traditional parents tend to do better in life. I’m not saying children who didn’t grow up with traditional parents won’t do good I’m just saying it’s better to have a child with a man ( father) and a woman ( mother) .

In the past 40 something years the divorce rate has increased drastically and it has had a huge effect on society. Hollywood is having an effect on to many of our children and the results of that are teenage pregnancy,aids, premarital sex, abortions,drug usage, etc. Parents who don’t have a traditional home need to surround their children around God-fearing,Bible reading people instead of a Vodka drinking,pot smoking crowd.

We as society need to go back to the days where children grew up in traditional homes ;even if your child doesn’t have two parents surround them around a God-fearing group. Far too many people want to fit in and they think it’s cool but 10 years from now they will be a have not(barely making it financially) and the so-called “nerds” will have it all.

I pray in Jesus name that children everywhere will return to Christian standards and start  obeying ALL adults.

Parents you need to start watching what your children are watching I can’t stress it enough. One of the first post I did was named ,”What is being watched in your home?”

During that post I listed the reasons you should guard what is being watched in your home. If you enjoy porn ,shows with a lot of cursing read the link that I have posted above.

Now I know that their are some people who will deny this even though statistics show it. For some reasons it’s easier for some people to make babies instead of creating families. According to the Bible we are supposed to wait until marriage to have sex.

 Hebrews 13:4
Psalms 119:9
1Timothy 4:12
Galatians 5:19-21
1 Thessalonians 4:3-8

*Don’t forget that their are many more Bible verses that tell us that purity is a great thing.

I’m not going to pretend that all people actually wait until marriage to have sex but you should. Alot of people wear purity rings to represent their purity ;But if you know that you are a virgin why would you have to wear a purity ring to show it ? By the way their are many other Bible verses that talk about purity I just chose this one.

Now I know some people are going to try to find loopholes in the scripture but the Bible is very clear on waiting until marriage to have sex. If you have had sex before marriage ask God for forgiveness. Alot of people don’t like to read the Bible because they know God will hold them accountable for their sins because they know what their doing is wrong.

The Bible even tells us that our sexual immorality brings results (HIV,AIDS, and other STDs) . (1 Corinthians 6:18)

Alot of people want to fit in and have earthly pleasures but we aren’t here to have earthly pleasures were here to praise God . I’m not saying sex is a bad thing ,its bad before marriage but its not bad when you’re married. Alot of people say that people who say premarital sex is wrong are judging.

I’m not judging but God is. Let me clarify that , God loves all of us but when he tells us to do something he expects us to do it without questioning it. God gives us many chances through the blood of Christ but if God asks us not to do something let’s respect him enough to do it.

God has been good to all of us and we should have the decency to obey his commands and rules. God is the same God that he was in The Bible (more merciful) and he still operates the same way. Some people seem to think God “goes with the flow ” that is completely wrong.

The same God that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah can destroy America but mercy is what’s saving us. Just because homosexuality is accepted in the earthly courts doesn’t mean that he accepts it. If God accepted homosexuality he wouldn’t have destroyed two cities for it.

We have so called preachers that preach that God loves all;God does love everyone he just doesn’t like our sin. God isn’t playing with anyone but let some preachers tell it he is the leader of the LGBT club . God word is the same as it was 2,000 years ago and it will remain the same.

We as Christians should be careful what translation of the Bible we use because some translations go against what the Bible says. Now I know I was supposed to be discussing the degradation of today’s culture and family but everything I am talking about is related. Some translations of the Bible go against the original Bible .

Alot of current day translations mock Jesus and his word the translations water down the true Bible. The Bible even says that his (Jesus) word needs no addition or subtraction( His word needs nothing new added or anything taken out. ) .

People have been applying biblical principles to their life since the beginning of time and they have succeeded. Just remember to always obey God and do what he says.

Their is one thing I want to discuss before I end this post. The 10 commandments are not a summarization of The Bible the entire Bible is important not just one part. Psalms is just as important as Genesis. Please share this post with many people as possible and don’t forget to read all of my other blog posts.


Peer pressure

Sorry if their are a lot of grammar errors ,I typed this from my phone . A lot of people nowadays fall into peer pressure . A lot of the times it’s due to the fact that people have low self esteems. Yes you read it right a lot of people do have low self esteem. When a person has a high self esteem they know they don’t have to do something stupid to get accepted into a certain click or group . The problem nowadays is that people are falling into peer pressure at an all time high ! Then their doing stupid things such as drugs and yes pot does count . If people would just realize that they were created to do do much more than smoke and drink our world would improve . If you just jar to drink ask yourself why do you have to drink . If you do it because it makes you feel good you need to find a new activity because alcohol only makes you feel a certain way for a little bit then the next day you’re miserable again ! I wish we as a nation would turn to Jesus and leave things like alcohol and tobacco alone . I’m not trying to tell you what to do but if you want to live that type of lifestyle that’s your choice and that type of lifestyle isn’t healthy .so remember keep Jesus first and he will take you places you would’ve never dreamed of going .


According to defines pron as :television shows, articles, photographs, etc., thought to create or satisfy an excessive desire for something, especially something luxurious.

Let me start off straight, no sugar-coating! If you have pornography in your home : delete  it,throw it away, break the disc,etc.

In the Western culture especially Porn(Pornography) is looked at as harmless , something regular, or something cool.
When you watch something you store it in your mind.

Your mind is like a computer everything you watch, look at,do,etc. is recorded and there is a copy someone place else! So in other words when you watch,read,sing,something it is going to be stored in your mind.

Once its stored doors will open( I know all this sounds weird but keep reading) . Porn can and will open up the wrong doors in your head . According to studies a lot of men watch pornography and once they watch it they grow unsatisfied with their loved one which should be a woman.

Here is a story of what happened to a family because the husband loved to watch him some porn!( The people and situation are real but some things were hidden to hide the identity of the victims)

Dave was always a good child even his parents said it , they had no problems with him what so ever and they did not fear him going over a girl house because they knew he knew better. Dave graduated top his class in high school and college  and got married to a woman named Suna. Suna was just like Dave , a great child in academics and everything else.

After 5 years Suna and Dave had their first child named Steve and within 4 more months they had triplets named: Dave , Suna, and Tony. Now the Wilson Family had a house full of kids!

After 10 years Dave and Suna were still married but one day while at work Dave saw some of his coworkers watching pornography on their tablets so he decided he would watch it once he got home.He flew home going 75 miles per hour just to watch some porn on his ipad, once it started with just that once video he got addicted. He would take off work for weeks and get a hotel room and watch it all day from that one video!

After 1 year Dave wasn’t the same he began to get in trouble at work for sleeping and he was never home. Three months later Dave announced to Suna that he was leaving her and the family for this 20-year-old college student.

Dave watched all of those computer generated women that he got unsatisfied with his own wife! The college student was named December and Dave was crazy about her. December watched porn secretly  to and she grew tired of Dave and thought that he was old and she left him for  a 25-year-old body builder!

Some details were left out because they are irrelevant. The moral of the story is people were hurt because of one man’s decision!

But you can be the victor not  the victim today by getting rid of every piece of pornography in your home!

“What is being watched in your home?”

Believe it or not what you watch and listen to have a huge effect on you.Its like this, when you let up a window you let things flow in so when you watch things such as pornography and listen to music filled with explicit lyrics you are letting bad stuff flowing inside you and you don’t want bad things inside of you.

Our mind is what captures these things and a mind is like a computer it can be brand new but if you store enough junk inside it will eventually be no more good.

I was on Christian Post the other day and I saw something that startled me . The headline said , ” Americans are addicted to pornography.” Now you’re probably thinking that’s not true I know plenty of people who don’t watch pornography.

Pornography is defined as : Printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity. Have you noticed that commercials are starting to be more and more “visual?” Don’t be surprised in 10 more years when commercials start to get too “visual”.

I wasn’t born in the 1980s but on a lot of commercials their starting to show old commercials and new commercials all in one.

Each year the commercials get more and more revealing . Why? Because no one is doing anything about it.

Commercials that used to come on late at night are now coming on in the evening . Times are changing true, but that doesn’t mean your child has to change with the time. So just keep in mind to make sure that whats being watched in your home is benefiting not deteriorating.

Pornography around the World

About half of the world watches pornography. I know you havent heard that on the news because they find that not important.  Look at this :

Every second – $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography

If that isn’t sad , I don’t know what is.

If we took all of the money spent on pornography and spent it on positive things ( Christian books, cd, etc.) our prisons would be empty! 

Your probably thinking pornography isn’t bad its just something everyone watches but honestly its harmful and thank God everyone doesn’t watch it.

Matthew 5:28 

But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

I put that verse in their as an example.

The simple fact is that pornography leads to lustful intent. If it doesn’t make you lustful it will be on your mind and trust me my friend when I say this, ” A mind is a powerful weapon.”

I’m sure the news wouldn’t tell you that.

The mind is like a computer once you let one virus in their , the virus take over and porn is like a virus it will eventually spread.

Top Video Porn Producers Top US Erotica Important Cities
Country Major Producers Cities Importance
1. United States Vivid Entertainment, Hustler, Playboy, Wicked Pictures, Red Light District 1. Los Angeles Adult Production Companies
2. Brazil Frenesi Films, Pau Brazil, MarcoStudio 2. Las Vegas Adult Stars, Sin City Chamber of Commerce
3. The Netherlands Erostream, Midhold Media, Your Choice, Seventeen 3. New York Adult Entrepreneurs, Erotica
4. Spain Private Media Group, Woodman Entertainment 4. Chicago Playboy
5. Japan Soft on Demand, Moodyz 5. San Francisco Adult Websites, Adult Companies
6. Russia Beate Uhse, SP-Company, Dolphin Entertainment 6. Miami/South Florida Adult Websites, Penthouse
7. Germany Trimax, SG-Video, GGG, VideoRama, Zip Production 7. Seattle/Pacific Northwest Adult Websites
8. United Kingdom Hot Rod Productions, JoyBear Pictures, Blue Juice TV, Rude Britannia, Fresh SX 8. San Diego Adult Websites, Strip Clubs
9. Canada Wild Rose Productions, Eromodel Group, Dugmor 9. Phoenix /Tucson/ Scottsdale Club Jenna, Erotica
10. Australia Pistol Media 10. Hillsborough, NC. Adam & Eve
Other Notables 11. Boulder, CO. New Frontier
Sweden Maxs Video 12. Pittsburgh DVD Sales
Italy Adamo Entertainment 13. Portland Strip Club
Denmark Color Climax Corporation
France Euro Choc, Eil du Cochon, Ragtime, Video Marc Dorce, JTC Video, Colmax, Cadinot
Switzerland Gordi Films, Ikarus
Belgium GM Videos Top Pornography Banning Countries
Romania Floyd-Agency Saudia Arabia, Iran, Syria, Bahrain, Egypt, UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya, India, Cuba, China
Portugal Natural Video
Israel Sex Style
Serbia Hexor
Czech-Republic Lupus Pictures, Bel Ami

This may not seem like a major problem but let me tell you something the news wont broadcast. There are some people who go out and spend their ENTIRE paycheck on this mess and it all starts with that ONE website! That person who spends their ENTIRE paycheck on pornography could end up being you but to prevent it DON’T LOOK AT IT , BUY IT, OR THINK ABOUT IT!