Christina Aguilera Poses Nude

It is such a shame that these entertainers feel a need to have to do this. Personally I think they have low-self esteem and they just use these ads and pictures to cover up for it. If you look at music legends such as :Tina Turner, Barbara Streisand , etc. you will see that they had talent but never felt a need to do something like this. They may have dressed a little revealing at times but they were not nude like this.

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Britney strips during her concerts and Christina Aguilera strips for advertising photo shoots. And so it goes, the pushing of the advertising envelope. Aguilera will reportedly appear nude in an upcoming ad for Virgin Mobile. Aside from the oddity of having a nude model in an ad for a company with the word virgin in it, the hottie has requested that the ad shoot be a closed set so she can reveal herself to as few people as possible. Perhaps Aguilera hasn’t realized that ads appear in magazines and millions of people see them.

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UPDATED: Your Lifestyle and Situations

A lot of people are so busy complaining about their lives that they forget to be thankful for it. Some people are so busy thinking about how their going to get the IPhone 5C that they don’t even appreciate IPhone 4. Please forgive me if I quote the name of a phone wrong their are so many to keep track of.

We are blessed to live in a free country that of course wasn’t free when we got here. Their are students starving in 3rd world countries during to corporate greed, I will discuss later,  and alot of other children that dont know the value of anything. It’s important to know the value of everything because one day it could all be gone.

God has grace on all of his children but if we knowingly do something wrong and do it anyone we will have to pay for it with death.  The Bible tells us that the earthly wages for sin is death. God tells us that whatever we do we have to pay for.


Alot of people want to use the Bible verse God is love for an excuse for their sins but that is wrong. Some people just do whatever they want and they are shocked when they have to face the consequence for their actions.

God forgets our sins once we commit them and he never remembers them again. God is still in charge no matter what people try to say,we as Christians his children are like billboards for Christ , we are a representation of what its like to be Christians.

Every time we claim were Christians we should remember this concept because its important and we are a representation of Christ.We as Christians are billboards for Christ.


Parental Advisory

I’m sure man you have seen the Video Music Awards by now and have heard of what happened last night. Miley Cyrus, former child super star, performed one of the most sexual acts last night ever and after she performed her mother clapped for her what a shame.

We all know that Miley Cyrus used to be known as Hannah Montana and people loved her. All of her concerts were sold out and her father Billy Ray Cyrus used to be a famous country music star. MTV is known for showing sexually explicit videos and shows so this is no surprise to me or America.

Parents stand up and go against this foolish agenda that Hollywood is trying to push out to children. Stop buying the records of singers who sing about sex,lust,and rebellion. If your child has records in their room that contain lyrics like the ones I mentioned above BURN THEM.Do you remember the old saying ,”You are what you listen to. ” That saying applies to the current situation we are in now.


Parents wonder why their children are turning out the way they are ,it’s because of what they are listening to and watching. Even Disney channel has shows on their station that are inappropriate for children. Your children listen to and watch what their favorite  actors,singers,actress,athletes say. People like Miley Cyrus need to be banned from ever performing again on public stage. Her mother, Tish Cyrus, gave her a hand clap when.she was done. Parents please be careful what you’re children are watching because what they watch has a profound effect on them.

The Poverty Gospel, The Pope, and Materialistic things

I just want to take the time to thank everyone for taking the time to read my posts. It really means alot when people take the time to read anything I publish.

Today I want to discuss what the pope said. This is basically a summarization of the article which I will enclose. I won’t just summari summarizze I will talk about a subject that is not talked about alot nowadays.

The subject that I am going to discuss is the poverty gospel. Alot of preachers nowadays are preaching the poverty gospel. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and he died for our poverty. People love to say , “Well Jesus was poor.”

While Jesus was on earth he lived a very simple lifestyle indeed. Satan tried to get Jesus to bow down to him to get everything. Satan didn’t know that when Jesus died on the cross everything became his. (  God still has everything as well.

Jesus didn’t die on the cross so we as his children could live a barely get by life. We are the light of the world and we as Christians are his children which means that he wouldn’t let us live an ordinary lifestyle.

He does tell us to be wise though and not to spend our money in unwise ways. Gambling counts as well.

The Pope recently said that materialistic things aren’t the road to happiness and I agree.  What I don’t agree with is when he tells people not to get certain things.

If someone works for their car and they are still humble and not stuck up why shouldn’t they be able to have that cat ?? I’m not trying to be disrespectful to the pope or anything but I just don’t agree with that philosophy. Sometimes people do say things and they don’t sound the way that intended but when you’re the pope you have to be EXTREMELY careful.

Luke 12:15 says :

And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”

That says it all right their in that bible verse.

Ephesians 4:28

Let the thief no longer steal, but rather let him labor, doing honest work with his own hands, so that he may have something to share with anyone in need.

That bible verse right their goes off topic but it matches my view on politics. If you are able to work why would you rely on someone else’s money when you can go out on you’re own and make your cash.

The fact is the poverty gospel is being preached and it shouldn’t be preached.

Thanks for reading this post and please comment on it or like it.

If their is a topic you would like for me to discuss please comment below and ask.

You’re purpose on Earth

A lot of people think that they are here on earth for no reason but that’s not true. God has everyone on this earth for a reason and its important that you never let anyone tell you that you’re not important . God created you with a purpose and a lot of people leave earth without finding out what their purpose is . Last week I did a post on how it’s important finding out who you are in Christ . It’s also important to find out why you’re here on earth . I don’t know about you but while Im here on earth I want to help out many people as I can . We all know people who can make a good day turn bad ; We should be a person who turns a bad day into a good one . People are going to talk about you especially when their jealous . They may say their not jealous but inside their really jealous . They wouldn’t be jealous if they knew what their purpose was in life . Satan hates people who help other people . Remember God is on control and remember that God is still in control no matter what the headline of the newspaper says . Many people ask where God is but the truth is he should be inside us . When Jesus is inside is that is hope !! Many people say they are Christians but the world is going to go by your actions not your words . The current president claims he is a Christian but his actions ( supporting gay marriage , supporting abortion , not helping Israel when they need the help the most ) . His actions don’t scream Im a Christian they scream that he isn’t a Christian . Just remember you we’re created for a purpose !

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is wrong no matter what situation it’s in .If a woman chooses to stay in a relationship and she is getting hurt that is not a good idea in fact it’s a foolish idea.

Domestic Violence is a horrible thing and in most places on earth it’s a crime but some people are still in going through the domestic violence situation. Women are being abused by men which is just as bad as women abusing men. If you are a man and you hit a woman you ARE NOT a real man because real men do not beat on women.

If you are that tough that you have to beat a woman go on WWE and try to beat a wrestler like that and you will quickly be put in your place. A relationship should be filled with trust and love not violence and broken body parts!

Laws are getting stricter and stricter about domestic violence and in some cities they arrest you right away if Domestic Violence is even suspected. There are a lot of myths about domestic violence.

Women sometimes believe that once a man hits them it’s because they did something wrong. This is not true if you do something wrong a real man  is going to discuss that with you , not hit you because you did not cook what he wanted to eat.

If a man hits you while you are dating or engaged , he is going to hit you again. A real man treats a woman as his prized possession not his enemy.

Domestic Violence can be both physical and verbal. Ladies if you stay with a man who talks to you like you are a nobody , then you are making a wrong decision.

There is a saying that goes like this ,” However a man treats his mother he is going to treat his lady the same way.”

That is absolutely true , if a man talks to his mother like a dog more than likely he has no respect for women at all and he is going to talk to his wife or girlfriend the same way.

Women are not the only victims of domestic violence. Men are victims of domestic violence as well.

Whichever gender is a victim of domestic violence is a victim .

So if you are reading this and you are a victim contact you’re local police department and seek help immediately because their have been too many cases where people don’t make it out of domestic violence relationships alive.

Seek help if you’re in a domestic relationship because there are too many resources out their for somebody to say they didn’t have any help.

New York

In case you haven’t heard in New York they are about to ban large sugary sodas . First of all it is NOT the governments business what you drink that should remain your business . If you want to load your body with sugar and caffeine that should be your decision not the governments . Democracy prohibits the government from doing things like this and the government can and will get away with it unless a New York citizen reports it ! New York says gay marriage is ok but drinking sodas aren’t ! I think somebody has their priorities backwards ! Well I don’t think I know ! New Yorkers have always been known to have a f**** off attitude which means they tell you what’s on their mind . I am not saying every New Yorker is like this either I’m speaking on what their known as . If their are any New Yorkers reading this stand up for your rights because if they ban sodas no yelling g what their going to ban next . If people want to drink large sodas that should be their business!

Society’s definition of love

Today in society love is viewed as sex . True love is more than sex love should be about honesty and commitment . Most young men nowadays don’t know what it means to be a true gentleman . A true gentleman doesn’t go around having sexual relationships with random women he finds one woman and waits until they get married or in a serious relationship . What do you think ??? I would love to know what you think .

Peer pressure

Sorry if their are a lot of grammar errors ,I typed this from my phone . A lot of people nowadays fall into peer pressure . A lot of the times it’s due to the fact that people have low self esteems. Yes you read it right a lot of people do have low self esteem. When a person has a high self esteem they know they don’t have to do something stupid to get accepted into a certain click or group . The problem nowadays is that people are falling into peer pressure at an all time high ! Then their doing stupid things such as drugs and yes pot does count . If people would just realize that they were created to do do much more than smoke and drink our world would improve . If you just jar to drink ask yourself why do you have to drink . If you do it because it makes you feel good you need to find a new activity because alcohol only makes you feel a certain way for a little bit then the next day you’re miserable again ! I wish we as a nation would turn to Jesus and leave things like alcohol and tobacco alone . I’m not trying to tell you what to do but if you want to live that type of lifestyle that’s your choice and that type of lifestyle isn’t healthy .so remember keep Jesus first and he will take you places you would’ve never dreamed of going .

Remember Whose in Control

A lot of times we can forget who is control of this entire earth by being too caught up on earthly possessions.When you close your eyes for the last time what kind of car you drove, what kind of clothes you wore, and how much money you had wont matter. The thing that will matter is ,”Do you know Jesus?”                      

Jesus runs everything whether people want to admit it or not. Whomever he wants to win for this upcoming presidential election will win no matter what the government does. Jesus runs the seas, the oceans, the rivers, the economy, Jesus is a genius.

A lot of people think that man runs stuff but without Jesus man couldnt wake up in the morning and he would not be in his right mind.                                                                                                       

As soon as society admits all of this stuff the world will be a much better place!

Never forget that the Lord controls everything and Christians can talk to Jesus anytime through prayer. Christians don’t have to turn toward a specific corner or chant some odd prayer we can just bow our heads and Jesus will hear us everytime.

Why dont people pray , thats another article for another time! When you pray you are releasing supernatural power and demons cant interfer with prayer thats why Satan hates prayer!

Jesus is lord and he is my persoanl Lord and savior and I hope he is yours today.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article and I pray the Lord blesses you and your family tremendousluy.