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I’m sure most of you are familiar with natural selection and evolution. Both of these words have been taught in public schools for years .

I don’t know about you but I believe and know God created everything they we have on earth today . Almost Everything in the bible had been proven either through archaeology or by living out what the bible says .

God is real for a fact and he loves everyone on earth but the sad thing is that everybody doesn’t love him .

I strongly believe people who don’t want to believe in God made up things like the Big Bang , evolution , etc .

Darwin said people basically developed through natural selection . If that’s the case why aren’t elephants building houses and why aren’t roaches making cars .

Every person on earth has been linked to Eve . Even the secular news outlets agree that every human is related to Eve .

This didn’t just happen by a chance this is truth . People have been trying to make up different religious theories since the beginning of times .

Even in the Old Testament people made idols and worshipped them and they were punished . In the New Testament we were under a new covenant with God .

Some people just don’t want to believe in God and so many people don’t know about him that’s why it’s our job as Christians to share the good news with people who don’t know Jesus .

A lot of people wonder what will happen to people who don’t know Jesus . People who live in small remote islands . God said in the bible he will only judge us for what we know .

For the people that have heard the gospel and chose not to believe it will be judged based on that because they had the opportunity to make Jesus their Lord and Savior .

The purpose of me for writing this post is to inform people their will be many doctrines that will come out explaining things that you have always wondered about . The only true gospel is Jesus Christ .

No matter if someone criticizes you , know that God is good and he loves you .

If someone criticizes you for your faith , hold your head up and know that God is the almighty and he is protecting you .

God bless you for reading this article and please share it with nonbelievers.


The Nephilims

The Nephilims

I think I have spelled it correctly but do we all remember in Numbers 13:13 where The Bible described the giants and how tall they were. Well when you Genesis 6:4 you get a more detailed decription. Im sure if you read the entire 6th chapter of Genesis you will get a better understanding of these giants.

Instead of doing a full post about The Giants ( The Nephilim ) I will post a link about how archaleogists have found the evidence of the Nephilim s by showing real pictures of their skulls and bones . The link is below, if you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to your comment ina decent time .