Oh , That Would NEVER happen

Right now as I type this out their is an agenda being written to remove Christianity from America. Well it’s not being written its already been published. This agenda has been in the making for the last 50 years but currently it has been in the works stronger than ever.

The scary part is a lot of people, particularly Christians, seem to think that this country could never be an athiestic country but we are on our way to that gloomy day and if people don’t stand up for their rights then that day will come sooner

In California their is a situation going on right now about schools getting rid of all books that has anything to do with Christianity. Of course you aren’t going to hear about that on NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc. because all of those stations are owned by people who hate Christianity.

I did a post about one of the former owners of NBC saying ,” We don’t tell the people what they need to know we will tell them what they want to hear. ” Doesn’t that explain why their is barely news coverage on Christian persecution , because they don’t want you to know.  We are living in the information age but their are millions of people who have as much information as they did in the dark ages.

If you think that their isn’t an attack on Christianity you are deceived. A lot of people often ask ,” Why can’t Christians and nonbelievers get alone? ” The reason behind that is because Satan hates Christians and he doesn’t want anyone to get along with us so he causes hate and violence between Christians and non believers.

This is why it’s so important for ALL Christians( regardless of race) to stop arguing over silly theology differences. All Christians need to come together and fight the good fight of faith.  As I type this out now their is a girl from New Jersey ( I saw the article on Christian Post but I lost the page somehow.) who is going to court to fight to keep in God in the alliagence for herself. I applaud the girl and that goes to God can use whoever he wants to do his mission.

The problem I have with this situation is you have people who are twice her age that are afraid to stand to human secularism. This situation sort of reminds me of 2 Kings 6:15-17.  The prophet told his assistant not to be afraid because the angels that were on their side were much bigger than the enemy( The people they were fighting were the Syrians.).

Like Elisha’s assistant a lot of us are looking in the natural side when we should beneficiary on the supernatural . Im going to end this post with this Bible verse (1 John 4:4) . 

He (God )that is in you is greater than the spirit of the world (Satan ).  The next time you are dealing with spmething keep in mind that you are fighting against evil spirits and principalities not people . A lot of times the people that gives us problems are inspired by those evil spirits and principalities. If you believe that Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose on the third day then you have power to fight those evil spirits and principalities.

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