Church is all about you

I know you’re reading the title and you’re like what ????? I thought church was all about worshipping God . You are correct church is all about showing God the praise and appreciation .

Some new age doctrine teachers like Joel and Victoria Osteen teach that when you come to church it is all about you coming to learn about all the money and blessings you are supposed to have .

That philosophy is so crazy and backwards ;When I heard that they were teaching that I had a confirmation that people are being taught a sugar coated version of Christianity at Lakewood Church .

Hebrews 10:25 says : Not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.

As Christians we are required to go to church not because it makes us any better as anyone else but because The Bible says so . Their is this whole movement of ,”Why go to church when I can watch preachers on the internet on my television ?”

That verse above says to ASSEMBLE together .

If you live in a country where church is illegal or not allowed God understands you reason of not going to church but for Christians in countries where church is allowed you have NO EXCUSE .

We as Christians should be attending churches that are biblical and teach the UNCHANGED word of God . A lot of televangelists preach a watered down version of The Bible and then people start thinking that is the real Christianity but it’s not .

If you’re title is to be a pastor then you should act like one and preach the real word of God. When you read The Bible you read about love ,hate , racism ,justice ,war,famine,peace ,spiritual warfare ,tongues ,healing ,sexuality ,spiritual gifts , kingdoms ,angels ,demons ,sexual immortality ,finances ,marriage, history,all types of people ,etc .

So now you see The Bible doesn’t just talk about how much God wants to bless you and how you have slot of blessings locked up in heaven . God does love you and you really do have a lit of blessings but you must know about the demonic forces that will TRY to kept you from your blessings .

The reason try is in all caps locked is because if you keep praying and fighting the good fight of health no demon in hell can win . When preachers preach about demons some people freak out but when it comes to a spirit filled Christian their isn’t a spirit in hell that can touch you .

If you go to a church that is not preaching the ENTIRE word of God then you need to run because your soul is endangered .

2Titus 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.

2Titus 4:4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

*The word fables means short stories .

God already knew that people would get tired of hearing SOUND doctrine and they would want to hear new age doctrine ,which is dangerous for the soul .

Joel Osteen is not the only televangelists that preaches a false gospel . If you pay attention to most of the televangelists that come on television they all sound the same .

Their are a few televangelists that preach the word of God and their names are : Rod Parsley and John Hagee(Their are some other televangelists out their that preach the real word of God but those are the two I know for sure that preach it ) . These televangelists preach about everything from the blessings to hard times .

Televangelists that do preach the sugar coated gospel always say that their ministry grows because they don’t judge people and they tell them God loves them .

John 7:24 says Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly.

I’m not sure what bible society is reading but it says judge but with RIGHTEOUS judgement . It’s saying judge with a judgment that is holy . That means don’t look at the outer appearance look inside (this requires discernment .).

Celebrities like Miley Cyrus say that only God can judge and that Jesus was a hobo (The actual quote is in my gallery .) . We as Christians shouldn’t even be listening to what these celebrities have to say about God’s word we need to read it for ourselves .

Before I end this post I want to talk about preachers who charge people in order for them to get prayer . I know that sounds confusing but let me explain. It’s like your pastor charging you for him to pray for you .

I know that sounds crazy to some but this is a reality in the year of 2014 .😞 Their are wolves out their dressed as concerned men and women of God . It’s a shame but it is what it is .

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2 thoughts on “Church is all about you

  1. I enjoyed your article until you said Rod Parsley and Hagee were good televangelist. Parsley has gimmicks just like Tilton and other schemers. Hagee teaches that Jesus was not the messiah. Hagee teaches that Jesus had to go to the cross because the Jews rejected him. I’ve never read that in scripture. There’s lots of info on both men online for you to confirm. God bless.


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