What do you find important?

According to an article on ChristianPost and the world news employees and employers must know throw out all of their personal beliefs and be “politically correct” when it comes to members of the LGBT community. 


Luke 17:26, which says in the last days it will become like Noah’s generation, is becoming truer everyday but the good news is Christians (people who accept him as their Lord and Savior and live by his word) will be gone before all of the bad stuff starts happening.  It’s true that we are living in some very uncertain times but The Bible does tell us that in the last days morals will change and people will become godless.

The secular media is excited over news like this because this is one step closer to the New World Order.  In the New World Order a traditional marriage is a homosexual relationship and a weird relationship is a heterosexual relationship.  This is why the media is becoming so aggressive I’m making sure homosexuality is included in everything because the more they show it the more influence it has on people. 

That is why it’s good to stay in the Holy spirit and watch shows with Godly morals because if you’re not careful you will get caught up in the world and God called us to be the salt and light of the world.  The last thing we need is more people who call themselves Christians but their fruit says otherwise. 

Who am I to judge? I am no one but God does tell us in Matthew 7:16 that we will recognize them (people) by their fruit.  A demon can speak tongues (incantations),  go to church act real holy but a demon can not live a pure lifestyle.  The point is a demon can mock anything except a pure lifestyle.  That’s why some people are so shocked when their favorite televangelist comes out as something evil because they think because they perched their an angel but that’s not true.

Jesus tells us multiple times in The Bible not to be deceived by anyone because he know some people will use his name and then do the opposite of everything that’s in The Bible. 

Some people are upset because Beyonce and Jay-Z are having marital problems but if you were to ask them about some real world current events they would be clueless.  This is such a shame but a sad reality.  With all of the technology we have some people are still uninformed as the people were in the dark ages. People should be outraged that our president is giving everyone including religious people equal freedom. 

This is just about equal rights correct or is it a secret way to usher in the New World Order? I’m just checking im stating nothing but facts.  We as Christians need to start discerning things and not just go by words.  Words don’t mean anything like they used to years that’s why their are so many contracts people just don’t think the truth is important anymore big hopefully that so begin to change. 

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