The Liberal Agenda

An agenda is bring unfolded right before our eyes . It is called the liberal agenda and they want full control over this country which is America. When America was first started off as a country we had some moral values . No way in the world would a man consider marrying a man and if he did he would be viewed as a lunatic . Liberals are trying to take over this country and they are trying to by promoting gay marriage . The sane people who are trying to pass gay marriage doubt care about family values its all apart if their agenda their trying to pass that’s why they want as many liberals in Washington as possible because they know when they have slot if liberals in charge they can pass the most outrageous bills .for example ObamaCare is going to cost America money we don’t have . When ObamaCare first came out it wasn’t going to cost anything according to President Obama but according to news stations its going to cost trillions . I’m not sure wether you’re a liberal or conservative but our debt problem is SI bad you can’t ignore . We’re in 16 trillion dollars worth of debt plus 5 extra million that’s not even accounted for . Try counting to 16 trillion now . It would take you longer than a year to do that that’s how bad our debt us tight now . You won’t hear about the liberal agenda on the news stations like msnbc or NBC or the other liberal new stations . In my next post I will speak more about gay marriage and how it’s going to affect America . Tell me what you think .


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