Gay Marriage in America

The topic gay marriage is one of the most controversial topics around . First of all to people who don’t know marriage was designed to be between one man and one woman . So if you have two men or two women who are calling themselves married that is not marriage in God’s eyes . Society has tried to promote gay marriage in every way they can but I am a bible believing Christian and I know gay marriage is not God’s ideal marriage . I am not hating or judging anyone I am speaking on what’s in the Holy Bible . When a country tries to make gay marriage legal the country is flirting with danger . America is clearly headed down the wrong direction when the president says gay marriage is ok . Sweden thought they could ignore God’s word and make gay marriage legal and they haven’t been the same since ! Two people of the same gender can not come together to have a child they have to do it by the un natural way and when people actually realize that , it will be a good day ! If you don’t believe in God just look at word events and you will see when a country goes against God’s word they will not have victory . America began as a country with Biblical views and America has quickly thrown out its biblical views by accepting gay marriage , abortion, throwing out the 10 commandments out the court room , making prayer for Christians illegal in public schools and taking away bible reading time from school . America is doing nothing but hurting itself because its producing a generation of morally sick children . If you are a parent reading this consider a Christian education for your child and yes their are affordable Christian schools for children . Check out some of my previous posts about stations like Cartoon Network and tell me what you think ! If you are not a parent I would still like to hear what you think about this article . All opinions are accepted !


6 thoughts on “Gay Marriage in America

  1. What do you mean Sweden has not been the same since it accepted gender equal marriage? What else has changed? I visit Sweden frequently and it seems they are the one most egalitarian, prosperous and happiest nation on earth?


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